GEORGE LAW LTD, Building and Civil Engineering

Working With Us

Below are some samples of the things we believe make us a better working partner.

Link - Business Purpose

Business Purpose

In the simplest terms, our business purpose is ‘to create a client’.

Link - On Site Together

On Site Together

Empowering our people lets them be proactive, responsive, innovative and most of all, better to work with.

Link - Your Best Interests

Your Best Interests

To fully deliver, we need to understand and be aware of all the client’s needs, not just the requirements of the project.

Link - Reputation


A good reputation is hard to earn, but harder to keep.

Link - Collaboration and Partnerships

Collaboration and Partnerships

Regardless of contract type, we look to get the most out of every member of the team.

Link - Becoming Our Supplier

Becoming Our Supplier

Subcontractors are selected from an approved list on our Supply Chain Partner database.

Link - Update Your Details

Update Your Details

Please note: If your details are not up-to-date, it may exclude you from tendering with George Law.