GEORGE LAW LTD, Building and Civil Engineering

What is Horace?

Horace is our new 'Document Management System'

The Horace Document Management System is the result of the working group’s investigation into a software application which would enable us to better control information, increase the efficiency of storing and retrieving information and reduce our carbon output, by way of using less paper.

Horace is based on Causeway Technologies’ ECM system, designed specifically for the construction industry. Using the ECM system, the working group, along with Causeway have developed truly bespoke systems for multiple aspects of George Law's business.

Further roll-out phases with continue to exploit the abilities of the system including extranet features bringing Clients and Suppliers into the system to further increase collaboration and reduce paper usage.

Why have we called it Horace?

Affectionately named after ‘Horace Wakeford’ co-founder of the company that is now the Stepnell Group.  Horace along with his father-in-law developed their small construction firm into a business renowned for its quality and use of trained in-house workforce. Under Horace’s guidance, the company became builder of choice for prominent architects and clients, a reputation subsequent generations of the Wakeford family have maintained, including Mark Wakeford, Horace’s Great-Grandson and current Managing Director of Stepnell Ltd (George Law's Parent Company).

Because of his hands-on approach and attention to all aspects of the business, Horace inherited the nickname ‘The Governor’. It is for this reason we have decided to name our new Document Management System after a man so historically important to the group.

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